Last month dozens of industry experts took to the stage in Orlando at the 2017 E-Scrap Conference to discuss the trends and challenges shaping electronics recovery right now.

EWASTE+ was there to learn connect & explore.

2017 E-SCRAP Conference – Orlando, FL (Left to Right) Andrew Vermette, Mike Whyte, Peter Bennison, Brandon Scribner, Kevin Conklin

The EWASTE+ Take Away

Brandon Scribner, Director of Client Services

“E-Scrap 2017 was a great chance to see an intricate look at challenges, trends and opportunities in the electronics recycling field. It was also a good illustration of some of the barriers of entry into this industry, and how our evolving business model continues to make our company successful.” 

Andrew Vermette, Director of Operations

“E-Scrap 2017 hosted several sessions that shined the light on product repairability and how manufacturers play a key role from a product design standpoint. It was great to hear from at least one top tier manufacturer that they now recognize the importance of designing new products with refurbishment in mind. Both repair and refurbishment are critical components of our business that will continue to grow and evolve as new products enter our supply chain. It was clear at the conference that EWASTE+ is well positioned and a leader in this space!”