Secure Product Destruction

Secure product destruction is an essential part of any business that handles technology or electronic products.

EWASTE+ is the top choice for environmentally-sound recycling for all size businesses, recovering value for your company while also ensuring products are disposed of correctly, ensuring compliance with data protection and environmental waste regulations.

How We Ensure Security

Secure and Comprehensive Destruction Services

At EWASTE+, our team is compliant with all laws and regulations around product destruction. We understand your business requires confidentiality to protect any proprietary information and brand imagery, which is why we offer a range of destruction options to achieve the results you desire. From shredding, crushing, and manual destruction, we can destroy and recycle products of all types.

Our certified destruction specialists are here to walk you through the process every step of the way, providing both on-site and off-site destruction.

Why Choose EWASTE+ for Secure Product Destruction

Tailored Solutions for Reliable and Secure Product Destruction

Product Recalls

Recalled products are among the top reasons companies send products for destruction. Whether it is to protect your business from potential liability, faulty manufacturing, product malfunctions, or compliance with new laws and regulations, product recalls can be a complex process. For all product recall destruction, some industries and lines of business are required to show proof of destruction. We offer document trials and verification certificates to ensure your business remains in compliance with all policies and can prove the products are no longer on the market.

Counterfeit Products

While copyright infringement and production of products that may contain proprietary information or patented design is illegal, there is still a market that produces these items and it’s up to your business to ensure the destruction of any counterfeit goods discovered. Not only does this remove these items from circulation, but it protects consumers and retains a level of trust in your brand and quality of manufacturing. EWASTE+ destroys counterfeit products with discreet product destruction services that can help mitigate the number of stolen information and products on the market for an affordable price, protecting your consumer’s trust.

Defective Products

To maintain brand integrity, it’s crucial to remove all defective products from the market. Not only does this protect your business, but also your consumer trust. The best and most affordable way to do this is to opt for secure product destruction. Especially if a product line continues to go to market, failure to destroy defective products or products that do not meet quality control standards can result in logistical oversights and mistakes that put your business at risk for additional liability.

Distribution Center Overstock

Warehouses and distribution centers often hold overstock items, particularly if a company goes out of business and no one claims the assets. While destruction of overstock products is crucial for recovering shelf and storage space to continue operations at maximum capacity, there is also an opportunity to recover value from these items. At EWASTE+, we not only facilitate the secure destruction of overstock products but also offer services to assess and recover value from liquidation. This allows businesses to not only free up space but also potentially recoup some investment from unsold goods. Our process is designed to evaluate which items can be resold or repurposed, providing an additional revenue stream while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Services and Industries Supported

At EWASTE+ we support a range of industries and services that require product destruction. We understand that it’s important that all products are destroyed at every level. For electronics and hard drives, we offer specialized destruction services to ensure data is securely wiped from the device. For medical machinery and laboratory equipment, we ensure all sensitive or potentially hazardous materials are removed from the devices before decommissioning. Where desired and able, we also offer material recycling services, allowing your business to retain some of the materials used in manufacturing, providing you with the ability to recycle them back into new products.

Partner With EWASTE+ for Your Product Destruction Needs

EWASTE+ is an essential provider of a product’s end of life cycle. We provide product tracking, certifications, and verification information so your business can ensure the products are destroyed to the fullest extent possible while limiting and reducing your liability. Our team offers on-site secure product destruction services, as well as off-site destruction and proof of destruction videos to cover your needs.

Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you schedule a product pick-up for destruction as a one-time service, or on a routine schedule that fits your needs.