Questions & Answers

Q: Is it legal to charge consumers for recycling in New York State?
A: Yes ‐ It is legal for collection sites and recyclers to charge consumers for recycling however the manufacturers cannot take credit for pounds that consumers pay for (manufacturers have volume requirements per law).

Q: Where Can I take my Televisions & Monitors for free recycling?
A: You can go to the NYS DEC website below and identify the specific brand of video display you have and research the free program that specific manufacturers offer in NYS.

Q: I used to be able to recycle my TVs and Monitors for free at EWASTE+, why is there a cost now?
A: The cost associated with proper recycling of televisions and monitors exceeds the funding received under the New York State Electronics Recycling & Reuse Act (EPR Law). After several years of EWASTE+ subsidizing the costs of proper video display recycling, it is now necessary for EWASTE+ to directly charge a small fee to properly handle and recycle TV’s and Monitors.