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At EWASTE+, we set the standard for excellence in IT asset disposition services across the United States. Our commitment to transparency and efficiency drives us to deliver sustainable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers from coast to coast. Trust us to handle your ITAD requirements with utmost diligence and professionalism.

IT Asset Disposition: A Cornerstone of the Growing IT Industry

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is an essential service in the expanding IT industry. As the need for ITAD services increases, it is crucial to dispose of obsolete or redundant equipment both ethically and sustainably. Beyond environmental issues, meticulous handling of data is imperative to ensure all data is securely destroyed before recycling or disposing of devices.

At EWASTE+, we provide a simple and effective solution to manage the disposal of assets that are no longer needed by your business. With top-tier accreditation and a reputation as one of the nation’s most trusted ITAD providers, we offer comprehensive services across the country. We ensure transparency in our asset disposition practices, enabling your business to confidently promote its positive environmental impact. Our team is expertly trained in the latest data destruction procedures, ensuring compliance with both U.S. federal privacy laws and local regulations.

Why Choose EWASTE+ for Nationwide ITAD Services?

Customized Logistics

At EWASTE+, we collaborate with you to tailor a logistics plan that aligns perfectly with your company's specific needs, whether you're moving a single pallet or a full tractor-trailer load, anywhere in the U.S.

Highest Industry Certifications

We utilize the latest in data destruction technology and hold nationwide licenses, R2v3 and RIOS certifications, and are NAID certified as Data Destruction Specialists. Our credentials speak to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in ITAD services.

Flexible Programs

We offer customizable IT asset disposition programs to meet your specific data capture and data destruction requirements, ensuring a solution that fits your business like a glove.

Achieve Maximum ROI

Through our extensive remarketing network, we enable you to maximize the return on investment from your obsolete or redundant IT assets, potentially reducing the overall cost of your ITAD program.

Contact one of our dedicated account managers today to craft a custom solution tailored to your unique needs and product mix, designed for optimal compliance and efficiency across the nation.

Certified On-site and Off-Site Data Destruction Across the U.S.

Secure your business's future with our top-tier data destruction services. At EWASTE+, we understand that regardless of how your data is stored—on hard drives, SSDs, or other media—proper handling of data erasure requests is critical for protecting your company's trade secrets and sensitive personal information.

EWASTE+ provides sustainable and discreet services for hard-drive shredding and sanitization, both on-site and off-site, across the United States. Our team tailors services to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring compliance with both state and federal data destruction regulations.

On-site Data Destruction and Sanitization Services: These services offer the convenience of witnessing the destruction process firsthand. Our technicians meticulously inventory each hard drive or media device before feeding them into our mobile shredders. These shredders effectively destroy the assets, making data retrieval impossible.

Off-site Data Destruction and Sanitization: Managed by our team of certified technicians, this service involves a thorough inventory of data-bearing assets, which are then transported to our state-of-the-art facilities for destruction. Equipped with the latest in shredding and data destruction technology, EWASTE+ ensures that all data is disposed of in accordance with the highest security standards.

Certified Asset Destruction

There are times when recycling or reusing data-bearing devices is not feasible. In such cases, it is crucial to dispose of your redundant assets in a manner that safeguards your business data or intellectual property. This process includes measures to prevent these assets from re-entering the secondary market.

At EWASTE+, we provide a comprehensive suite of certified equipment destruction services. Our processes allow your company to confirm the proper disposal of assets through various means, including video verification, in-person witnessing, or other security-based requirements.

Hard Drive Destruction

Flexible Programs

At EWASTE+, we understand that every company has unique requirements when it comes to data management. That’s why we offer an exceptional level of flexibility in our data capture and destruction programs. You can customize not only the frequency of data pickups—choosing from one-time, weekly, or annual schedules—but also the scope of services we provide.

Our flexible data capture and destruction services can be tailored to include everything from comprehensive data destruction on data-bearing devices to detailed serialization and inventory reporting of non-data-bearing devices. This adaptability ensures that our services perfectly align with your company’s specific needs, providing transparent and flexible reporting and program terms.

Data Center Decommissioning

In the fast-paced world of IT, frequent upgrades often leave data centers with the complex task of decommissioning outdated hardware while ensuring sensitive data is securely destroyed. EWASTE+ can alleviate the pressure from your in-house teams by managing the decommissioning process of your retired enterprise assets.

We thoroughly inventory and decommission obsolete and redundant hardware, ensuring that data-bearing devices are destroyed with precision and in full compliance with all necessary security protocols. Trust EWASTE+ to handle the details, so your team can focus on advancing your IT infrastructure without the burden of outdated equipment.

Nationwide IT Asset Disposition Services by EWASTE+

As the world embraces a new era of digital information, selecting a reliable IT asset disposition provider that meets your service area requirements is crucial, particularly as we advance towards a more sustainable future. With state-of-the-art facilities strategically located across the country, EWASTE+ upholds rigorous environmental practices and is equipped to handle the ITAD needs of companies both large and small, nationwide.

No task is too large for our certified and experienced team. Whether you require mobile hard-drive shredding or comprehensive data destruction, EWASTE+ provides secure, on-site and off-site services tailored for the modern digital age, ensuring your assets are handled securely regardless of location.

The Importance of a Comprehensive ITAD Strategy for Your Organization

In today’s digital-centric business environment, IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more than just a routine process—it's a crucial strategy. ITAD addresses a variety of modern business concerns by outlining clear protocols for data handling and the secure destruction of outdated hardware and other assets.

The capacity of modern drives to store vast amounts of data means that cybersecurity is a critical concern not only for online or cloud environments but also for physical assets. Improper disposal of old devices can lead to sensitive data remaining accessible, posing significant risks. These risks include the potential restoration of data by unauthorized parties who might repair or repurpose the device.

Consequently, without stringent disposal measures, trade secrets, sensitive corporate data, and customer information could fall into the wrong hands if devices are lost or improperly discarded.

When your company is poised to dispose of outdated IT assets, you face not only a technical task but also significant legal and ethical considerations. Disposing of these assets responsibly—in a manner that is both environmentally conscious and secure—ensures that your business protects its trade secrets, employee data, and customer information.

This responsible approach not only safeguards your business but also solidifies the foundation of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. By responsibly managing asset disposal, your company contributes positively to the global economy and champions a more sustainable future.

In a world dominated by technology, ITAD companies like EWASTE+ play a pivotal role by offering services that extend well beyond basic IT disposal. These services effectively bridge the logistical gap between your company and disposal providers. By ensuring that your data is meticulously handled and securely erased, EWASTE+ not only protects your information but also prepares your business for the challenges of a fast-paced global economy.

Moreover, by responsibly disposing of IT assets, your company can significantly enhance its environmental footprint. Each destroyed asset marks a step forward in demonstrating your commitment to innovative and responsible societal engagement.

Ultimately, implementing a robust ITAD strategy is essential for safeguarding your business against legal and ethical issues while also enhancing your environmental stewardship in a world of evolving policies.

Safeguard Your Company with Rigorous Data Destruction via ITAD

Protecting your company goes beyond merely fulfilling legal and ethical obligations.

It involves going beyond the standard practices to ensure that redundant assets are disposed of securely. In the digital era, old data can become a goldmine for competitors seeking to gain an edge in your industry. Given that data acts as a modern currency, its mismanagement can lead to severe financial and reputational damage.

Such risks underscore the need for your company to adopt rigorous data disposal methods. Companies that neglect these practices or engage in unethical disposal can suffer from negative publicity and other serious consequences.

To address these challenges, EWASTE+ offers a sustainable and ethical approach to data destruction. Our services are designed to shield your company from data theft and breaches. With flexible programs, we provide transparent and reliable data destruction services that can be conducted on-site or off-site, tailored to match the frequency and security requirements of your company policy. This ensures that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, significantly reducing potential security risks.

Understanding ITAD: Information Technology Asset Disposition

ITAD, or Information Technology Asset Disposition, is a critical industry that offers disposal solutions for companies burdened with surplus data-bearing assets. This industry is essential for organizations looking to manage their electronic waste responsibly while ensuring the security of sensitive data.

At EWASTE+, we specialize in secure data destruction services and provide a suite of ancillary services designed to support comprehensive data capture and secure erasure programs. Our credentials include leading industry certifications for both on-site and off-site hard drive shredding and destruction, making us a preferred ITAD provider nationwide.

Our additional services extend to secure logistics, meticulous chain of custody documentation, issuance of data destruction certificates, and universal waste recycling. These services are integral to helping companies comply with state and federal disposal laws and uphold environmental management ethics.

Applicable Devices

Data Centers

Servers, Routers, Switches, Hard Drives

Office Equipment

Printers, Postage Meters, Phone Systems

Specialty Devices

Gaming Machines, Medical Equipment, Governmental Equipment, Solar Panels

Consumer Electronics

Handheld Games, Smart Watches, Cell Phones, Battery-operated Toys

POS Devices

Scanners, Self-Checkout Machines, ATMs, Registers, Tablets

Industrial Electronics

Instrumentation Devices, Lab Equipment, Metering Devices, Control Meters

Video Display Devices

Televisions, Monitors, Display Systems

Productivity Devices

Computers, Hard Drives, Tablets, Laptops, Cell Phones

General Electrical & Electronics Scrap

Any Device with a Cord or Battery

Optimize Your Asset Removal with EWASTE+

EWASTE+ streamlines the process of decommissioning and removing your retired or redundant IT assets efficiently and securely. Utilizing advanced technology, our end-to-end and live online tracking systems allow your security team to virtually verify our data destruction protocols. This integration not only saves time but also reduces the administrative burden on your staff.

Our optimized and environmentally friendly technology ensures that asset disposal is not only secure but also has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to standard recycling facilities. By choosing EWASTE+, your company can maximize its return on investment, free up internal resources, and enhance compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements—all while fulfilling your corporate societal responsibilities through a single, efficient service.

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As your trusted partner in data destruction, EWASTE+ offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to safeguard your organization from the risks of data breaches and theft.

We help you dispose of your data in an ethical and logical manner, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of data security. With data destruction centers and mobile destruction teams positioned strategically across the country, EWASTE+ services organizations nationwide. We are the premier choice for environmentally-conscious data destruction services, providing reliable and transparent solutions for a forward-thinking industry.

Choose from a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your company’s specific data management needs, including data destruction, hard drive destruction, data erasure, end-to-end inventory tracking, and the issuance of data destruction certificates.

Reach out to our team today to discover more about our flexible ITAD programs and to discuss which options best align with your company's specific needs. Let us assist you in designing a strategy that not only meets today’s requirements but also anticipates tomorrow’s challenges.